Printable Return Tax Forms

By   July 7, 2018

7There are several types of Printable Tax Return Forms available to file income tax return. Depending on the type of income individual needs to pick out the right form that helps him to select the right form. Now, we will discuss about the forms that are available: ITR 1 (Sahaj):  Individuals whose income source is pension or salary need to select ITR1 or Sahaj form. Whereas individuals who have other sources to earn their income for instance, rental from an owned property or interest earned on deposits, etc. cannot select this form. ITR 2: As compared to other form ship one is much more complex. This form is used by any individual or a Hindu Undivided Family that earns their income from salary or even if they have more than one property.  ITR 2A: One of the most recent forms in Income tax returns is the ITR 2A. Taxpayers whose income source is pension or salary and/or the income source exceeds from more than one house property and/or income from distinct sources can make use of Form 2A to file returns.

Printable Tax Return Forms

ITR 3: ITR 3 is the form that can be used by the ones that are partners of any firm. However, you cannot use this, if you are the only owner of the business or are proprietors. ITR 4: If the annual income of an individual or a Hindu Undivided Family running a business or profession is more than 60 lakhs ; then they can make use of ITR Form 4 in order to Printable Tax Return Forms of their taxes.ITR 4S (Sugam): If the gross income of the business owner of a small scale industry does not exceed more than Rs. 60 lakhs; then they  can make use of ITR 4S form to file their tax returns.


Printable Return Tax forms

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Printable Tax Return forms

Return Tax Forms Printable

Return Tax Printable

Tax Return forms Printable

ITR 5: This form is used by firms, including LLPs, Association of Persons (AOPs) and Body of Individuals (BOIs), co-operative banks etc. to file their taxes. ITR 6: Any companies, apart from those that claim exemption according to Section 11, have to fill the ITR Form 6 in order to file their income tax returns every year. ITR 7: ITR form 7 is a specialized form that is filled by individuals or companies that need to submit their returns as defined under Section 139(4A) or Section 139(4B), Section 139(4C) or Section 139(4D). These forms discussed above can be downloaded in all the existing versions. All you need to do is to figure out the most suitable ITR form, then you can easily file your tax return online and you do not have to worry about anything else. Depending on the category and type of different sources and level of income, we have different Printable Tax Return Forms available for us. Make sure that all required the documents are ready. Along with the documents you need to follow the steps mentioned below in order to go through a smooth online filing process of your income tax return form online.

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